The Ultimate Utility Backed NFT Card Game & Yield Token

Owning an Access token and Yield Tokens allow you to claim monthly rewards Continually while building out your play deck.


In January 2022, we released a Bitmart white paper detailing an up-and-coming NFT project for our community.

It was set to give holders of our exclusive NFT assets a chance to earn rewards. It’s set to provide the ability for them to earn a passive income from month to month on the Polygon blockchain in Matic. We stated that we would provide more information on the specifics of the NFT as we came closer to its launch. As we come closer to D-Day, here is the full description of our new lucrative NFT concept.



Welcome to the new NFT token project that will be released throughout the year. It is based on a concept that will yield everlasting crypto farming and staking investment returns.

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This paper will go on to show how you can own non-fungible token assets and use them to create a continual passive income. This, by us utilising the advantages decentralised exchanges, DeFi lending protocols, and other principles related to a new crypto concept called ‘yield farming’ and staking.

The main drawcard is that you need not be a crypto pro to take advantage of our offer. The simplicity of the purchase is up to you and the investment of the money is placed in the capable hands of our experts in the trade. They seek to get the most out of every investment.


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. It is a digital asset that is stored and registered on a decentralised blockchain and can be managed by your own crypto wallet.

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The blockchain digitally certifies that the asset is yours by linking the digital hash associated with your product with the hash address of your wallet. The wallet is password protected. He/she with the password/keys owns access to every asset held within that wallet.
As a blockchain product, NFT transactions are fully transparent and are managed without middleman intermediaries. As such, all transactions are completed directly (peer-to-peer).


The Game Concept

Our new non-fungible token assets will be based on artwork/characters designed as a fantasy card game. Each asset will resemble a different card character with varying power ratings.

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These characters can then be put to work as you compete against other players for a battle victory on our website platform.

As such, our NFT collection moves from being a static asset to a utility asset. It can be used to provide players with future gains and entertainment at the same time. We will launch an initial 10,000 assets for purchase.

Anyone familiar with turn based card games will feel quite at home with our NFT Card Game. With blockchain functionality, the game outcomes and the rewards therefrom can be managed seamlessly.

Each card is digitally printed for storage in your crypto wallet. Each will have a unique character printed on it with varying powers and elements. The goal is to play your cards out on a 3×3 grid with the aim of successfully battling your opponent, winning the fight, and claiming crypto rewards for your successes.

Each card is printed with 4 numbers on the top, left, bottom and right of the character. The number at the top represents the power value at the top end of the card. The number at the bottom represents the power value at the bottom end of the card. The values to the left and right represent the power of the left and right of the card, respectively.

How the NFT Game Plays Out

Firstly, you will be able to select your battlements and join the game board hosted on our website. Your cards are orange in colour, while your opponent’s cards are blue.

The starting player will get to place his/her first card on the grid. The opponent must try and trump that card by placing a card above, below, left, or right of that card (if space permits). The goal of each move is to try and place a higher value side (from one of your cards) next to a lower value side (of your opponent’s card). That way, you defeat the weaker card and convert it to your arsenal.

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It is then the next player’s turn to try and position stronger cards next to weaker cards and do the same. Once the grid is full, the player with the most conversions (most of their colour cards on the table) wins.

There are various game rules for various versions of the game. These gameplay guides will be printed as we introduce the later variations in time. Game winners can earn added crypto rewards and can even play for pink slips if they so choose. In this event, the winner may claim one of their opponent’s assets.

It’s important to remember that it’s not only the outcomes of games that earn you rewards with our NFTs. Simply owning cards will earn you a passive income every month that they are in your possession.

How To Start Playing?

To get going and capitalise on this NFT project, you will need to get involved in the 2-phase token purchase.
Firstly, you will need to purchase a Bitmart access token. This is a key that allows you to purchase and own our yield tokens/game card NFTs. Each crypto wallet that is set to host yield tokens will need a master access token first.

The necessity of an access token prevents players from misusing the system and simply trading cards or earning rewards without investing anything into the project. As such, should you want to transfer cards/yield tokens to another wallet (yours or a friends), they will need to own an access token to unlock their involvement in the project and use their NFTS.

Giving away yield tokens, is not, however, advised, as each one will bring you a passive income just for being in your wallet from month to month. More on this later.

An Access Token

A digital code that communicates between your wallet and our NFT assets, allowing you to make purchases of yield tokens.

Yield Token

A token that is worth something more than what you purchased it for. In our context, the game cards/character cards. As the name states, these digital tokens bring a yield over time.

How to buy an access token?

The Bitmart Triple Triad NFT collection is on the Ethereum blockchain and can be purchased from, a leading NFT retail platform. As such, you will need a Coinbase or MetaMask wallet and some wrapped Ether in hand before you can make a successful purchase of a digital token. Many of the preferred wallets include META MASK & Coinbase These can all be linked successfully to the retail platform so that you can make your purchase/s quickly and efficiently. Once you have an access token in hand, you will become a whitelisted community member.

Purchasing the exclusive yield tokens/cards

Once, you have an access token in your wallet, you will be allowed to purchase as many yield tokens for the game as you choose. You can start building your collection, trading, and strengthening your arsenal straight away. The more cards you buy, the more you will earn monthly. If you don’t want to play the game, that’s fine too. Just owning the cards guarantees you a yield of some sort every month.

The collection of exclusive NFTs will eventually be listed at various digital marketplaces, including Colan Art, Magic Eden, Sole, and

The first cards will go on sale on the 1st of August 2022
Once you are ready to play, you can login, create a username and connect your wallet to our platform if you’d like to take on the community head-to-head.

What are the Benefits of Owning the Tokens?

Those who own both the access token and exclusive yield tokens/NFT cards will be able to claim rewards from us in future. It is possible to purchase and own more than one yield token. As such, the rewards that you reap will be higher every month.

The monthly reward payouts are then claimable via smart contracts directly to your crypto wallet owning an access token. Smart contracts will not perform automatic payments of rewards based on your ownership of yield tokens you must come and claim the yields on a regular basis. It will not require human intervention which means that the payments are guaranteed to be reliable and true each time.
Those wanting to double-check the payouts have easy access to the public blockchain ledger so that they can validate that the payments have been made. It will also record all payments that have ever been made to NFT card owners in the past.
The final benefit is in the assembling of a community of members under our branding that works together towards enrichment by taking advantage of digital assets and technology.

How are the Rewards Made Possible?

The complexity of how you can possibly earn continued rewards from a once-off process is quite simple. The digital realms have opened up several ways of making money merely from owning crypto. That’s right, you don’t even have to sell it!

At Bitmart, we will donate the proceeds made from each yield token sale into the instruments explained earlier and use them to grow that crypto in various ways. The profits earned from our investments will then be shared amongst our community pool. The more NFT Yield Tokens you own, the higher your percentage of the earnings.
At the start of the project, Bitmart aims to buy into the yield token collection itself to get the ball rolling so that passive earnings are already underway. There are several ways we can grow the profits from the sales:


Yield Farming

This is where ERC-20 tokens and stablecoins are entered into liquidity pools to support DeFi ecosystem. Its also known as liquidity farming, which involves lending crypto out to members to improve the amount of liquidity in the ecosystem. It can then be used to help mint other cryptos and more. By lending your finance to the ecosystem, you are rewarded a percentage of the yield back in return. Bitmart will explore many of these opportunities with the profits made from NFT sales.


DeFi Staking

Crypto staking, in simplicity, is putting crypto to work for you. The funds are used by exchanges and DeFi networks to approve and verify transactions on proof of stake coin blockchains. As a result of contributing to the process, you are rewarded profits in return without ever having to sell your crypto. Two of the biggest proof of stake platforms right now include Ethereum and Cardano.


Crypto Mining

Crypto mining takes money to get started. It is the production of new coins into a Crypto ecosystem. Miners also make money by verifying transactions on the blockchain. Small mining fees are charged for each transaction they verify and allow to go through. Crypto mining is different from liquidity mining in the fact that the value and profits are churned from proof of works. An investment of hashing power makes the coins it mines valuable. Profits could be used to improve the farming yield from mining by investing in more mining machines.


Liquidity Mining

This is where crypto holders lend assets to a decentralised exchange in return for rewards and profits. These are commonly generated from the trading fees that are generated from traders swapping/trading tokens.

So why such a protracted route?

Not everyone grasps the finer principles of the decentralised world. As such, many people don’t capitalise on easy ways of making profits on the blockchain even though there is very little risk or effort involved. Our yield NFT system grants the mainstream public an easy to grasp method of making money without necessarily having to know the ins and outs of the various forms of blockchain trading.

Instead, you invest and gain a yield token that is worth something and our experts take that the value of your investment to make you more money. While we have explained how it works, what really matters is that it works well.

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The Mining Portion feeds a capital pool as well as token sales feed that same capital pool, that capital is then invested into the above and 100% of the growth (not the capital) income generated from the above goes towards rewarding the yield token owners. So, the capital pool that makes all the yields never depletes. In fact, it continues to grow, which means you can expect to make more every month if you keep your yield tokens.

Rewards will be claimable specifically to wallet addresses where the yield tokens are accompanied by access tokens. This ensures that no corrupt trading and misuse of the assets are possible. If you want to hold NFTs in several wallets, each of those wallets will need to hold an access token as a key to unlocking the rewards. Bitmart is selling access tokens for the project as we speak.

Proceeds not claimed by a Yield token holder after 12 months are automatically replenished into the capital pool to benefit the entire community. This is to protect the ecosystem from auto paying wallets of deceased or lost accounts that are irrecoverable.

The System Needed to Make This All Plausible

We have developed a system that piggybacks the blockchain that will help track the movement of our exclusive NFT tokens. The special software in our backend tracks:

• Which addresses own Bitmart NFTs.
• Bitmart can view the wallet owner’s wallet address in our system.
• Bitmart can then distribute the correct number of rewards to the necessary NFT owners based on how many yield tokens he/she owns.

What makes the Bitmart concept stand apart from other NFT projects around the globe is the utility of the assets. Most NFTs have very little practical value. However, using the funds invested in digital tokens to further grow their worth makes sense. It makes owning one more worthwhile. Up till now, owning expensive NFTs has made little sense to the public. Despite this, the fad is taking off well. However, gaining passive income for years to come off a single purchase makes logical sense all around.

It all just begs the question? If this is what we can do with NFTs and the digital sphere now, how much more can Bitmart do with you in the future? Fast track your progress and make sure that you capitalise on this new crypto phenomenon from day one.