About Us:

Bitmart.co.za is a South African procurement company specializing in crypto hardware and NFTs. We serve as a middleman, sourcing products globally for our customers, offering a diverse range of NFTs alongside cutting-edge crypto hardware solutions.


Website Information:

The website provides information on product sourcing, procurement, and online sales. It is not intended for legal or business advice. Users act at their own risk.



Bitmart is not liable for losses or harm resulting from product use or import. Users are responsible for wallet-related mistakes, software issues, hardware failures, security problems, and third-party actions. It’s crucial for users to secure their wallets and private keys diligently.


Investment Risks:

Bitmart does not offer investment services. Users should conduct thorough research before investing in any crypto-related assets.


Tax Compliance:

Users are responsible for determining and complying with tax obligations related to transactions.


No Warranties:

The website and its content are provided “as is” without warranties. Users should be aware that occasional downtime for maintenance may occur.


Limitation of Liability:

The owners of the website are not liable for any damages connected with its use, except as required by law.



Disputes related to the website or this disclaimer are subject to arbitration. The chosen arbitration process will be communicated to users.


Use of Site:

The site is for legitimate purchases only. Unauthorized use may result in legal actions.


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The site may use cookies and tracking technology for information gathering to enhance user experience.


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The website may provide links to external websites. Bitmart is not responsible for their content or privacy practices. Visiting external links is at the user’s own risk.


Product Availability:

Lead time depends on stock availability. An estimated lead time for product availability will be provided.


Order Processing:

Order processing begins upon receiving a confirmed order and full payment.


Refunds/Returns Policy/BuyBack:

The limited buyback period has now expired since the project has now matured to over 12 months. All loyalty rewards in the form of Yields can be claimed by any NFT holder subject to him having an Access token linked to his wallet.


Payment Options:

All Bitmart Yield and Access Tokens are to be purchased on the Opensea.io marketplace. Additional payment methods accepted on Opensea.io will be specified.


Security Policy:

Users are encouraged to review Opensea.io’s security measures.



Bitmart has the right to monitor activity and content associated with the website. Types of monitored activities will be specified.



The conditions are governed by South African law.


Updating of Terms and Conditions:

Users are responsible for checking updates regularly. Any changes will be communicated on the website.



By using the website, users acknowledge and agree to Bitmart’s trademarks and designs policies.



Users indemnify Bitmart against any claims or losses.


Contact Details:

Physical address: Unit G06, 29 Marloth Street, Nelspruit, 1200, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Email address: info@bitmart.co.za

Phone numbers: 087 095 3431


Last Amendment:

This disclaimer was last amended on 27 July 2023.